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Camouflage Underbust Corset

Camouflage Underbust Corset #LC5214

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Product Name Camouflage Underbust Corset
Size XXL
Color As Shown
Weight 0.2400 Kg
Category Corsets
Brand Dear Lover
Upload Date 2014-08-15
Camouflage Underbust Corset with matching g-string.12 Double Layer Steel Bones. 100% Fine cotton twill Lining. Features Modesty Panel. Strong Corset Cord Lacing. No trim. Designed to cover the hips & back, this corset has potential waist reduction 4-5". It comfortably pulls the waist in without causing discomfort while wearing for extended periods of time. 
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Corset Size Chart

There are two kinds of corsets on, they are full steel boned corsets and parial steel boned corsets.

Most corsets are not full steel boned, which are fashion corsets. Dear-Lover fashion corsets are made of partial plastic boned and partial steeld boned. To select your perfect size of fashion corset simply choose your UK/AU dress size. 

All of the corsets in the Authentic, Waist Training and Couture categories are full steel boned, body shaping corsets. These corsets will pull your waist in by 4-5”.
These corsets require an accurate waist measurement in order to size them effectively. We recommend a corset that is 4-5” smaller than your natural waist measurement. 

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